Saturday, November 22, 2008

"Hello. You look like someone I'd like to know better."

In March of 2009, I will have worked at my current job for 5 years. For that entire 5 years I have worked with Joe.

I remember Joe being in the room when I interviewed for the position. He is handsome, intelligent and very well-spoken. I was certain that he and I would never get along if I were to become part of his team.

Joe and I are best work friends.

I know! It just sort of evolved over time. We sat near each other and found we had a few things in common:

A bit of a dry humor
The love of homemaking and cooking great foods
A love/hate opinion of Martha Stewart
A love of animals - his dog, Clara - our cat, Virgil
80's dance music - 'wanna be startin' somethin'
Limited tolerance of others' utter stupidity - yeah, you know who you are!

Joe is gay. He's been out for a number of years and he's very comfortable with himself. I'm very comfortable with him too. He's a great friend and really, the perfect work husband.

He might hate that I called him that. But it's true. We watch each other's back and take care of each other while genuinely enjoying each other's company. I love Joe. He is a wonderful person.

My real husband has recently joined our company but works in a completely different part of the company. He loves Joe too. Jeff is always laughing at his quirky way of saying things and how he loves to tell you about his evening out the night before at 3 for 1's.

Yes, three drinks for the price of one. I need to get there sometime to see what that's all about.

Anyway... Joe is currently single and enjoys the dating scene here in the downtown metro area.

The other day he came in to work and told me a story...
"So, there I was, minding my own catholic business and a lovely young man makes his way across the bar to me. Once he finally arrived in my personal space, his opening line was this, 'hello, you look like someone I'd like to know better. My name is Sam.' and he stuck his hand out to shake mine. I mean, really, isn't that the most fabulous opening line you've ever heard?"

I had to admit, that yes, yes it was the most fabulous opening line I've ever heard. HA! It was great! And, knowing Joe, he would appreciate such a genuine approach.

They chatted a bit and laughed at little nonsensical things. Then suddenly Sam says, "I'm going back to my friends now." And he does. He simply turns and walks away.

What the?

Joe is completely caught off guard. Huh?? Didn't you just make your way all the way over here to meet me?

Then it begins to sink in... perhaps Sam's first impression of Joe's Anderson Cooper-ish look doesn't really belong to "someone you'd like to know better."

Jeez! What a freakin' let down. And the whole relationship lasted, what... 15 minutes tops?

Poor Joe. I mean, really... what an emotional roller coaster all within that 15-minute window.

Joe deserves a man who can sweep him off his feet romantically, give him a run for his money in the wit department and challenge him intellectually! I know he'll find him one day... when he least expects it.

More than likely it will happen while minding his own catholic business.


My Choice said...

Hey Tracy! American in Norway here... this is my "diet" blog... the Hypnosis Download info is over here... I am LOVING it! I have had a great week doing it. Let me know if it works for you!

Kelley with Amy's Angels said...

I'm so going to tell Joe that same line at work next week.

Hey...I need photos of some of your cards for the website! : )

Jason, as himself said...

YAY for the gay work husband! Or in my case, the straight work wife. Or wives, I should say.

Joe sounds like such a great guy. And his story killed me! What a slap in the face! The dating scene is rough. The gay dating scene can be even worse. I was fairly certain I wouldn't ever find someone that I liked enough to be in a relationship with, much less settle down with. So, guess what I did? I started minding my own catholic business and voila! Giancarlo came along. And I could not believe that he actually existed for the first few months we were together. Sometimes I still can't.

And other times I'd like to bang him over the head with a frying pan. Without hurting him, of course, just enough to knock some sense into him, when he needs it.

Jennifer and Sandi said...

My boyfriend works with a gay gentlemen and he is the NICEST MAN.... he too is having difficulty finding that special someone.

Sorry about the blinding disco ball!


- Jennifer

Anonymous said...

The only compliment missing in your description of my brother is a mention of his fabulous shoulders. Yes, he does pay me to say that..

Anonymous said...

The only compliment missing in your description of my brother is a mention of his fabulous shoulders. Yes, he does pay me to say that..

Jaime said...

OK so maybe you can start you own little dating service for Joe, he sounds perfect for my good friend Chad. Too bad we are all the way in Charlotte. It was a great story, thanks.

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