Saturday, December 27, 2008

Christmas in California!

Well, sort of...

Jeff and I spent Christmas in Minnesota where we had great meals with my parents and enjoyed gift exchanging and naps! Yup, naps!

Yesterday, the morning after Christmas, I found myself on the way to the airport at 5am to catch a flight to Los Angeles for work. Today I present to students for an hour about their programs and the wonderful things about why they too had to travel to California the day after the holidays.

It'll be fine. I will go home again at the butt-crack of dawn on Monday morning and enjoy Christmas with Jeff and Garrett. Oh, did I mention that our son arrived in Minnesota last night?

Here is a break down of my yesterday:

Butt Crack of dawn in cold Minnesota: Jeff drives me to the airport and drops me off into the post-holiday crowd of travelers. I stand in line to check in then stand in line again for the security check - it took a little over an hour. Jeff goes to the after holiday sale at Wal*Mart and finds nothing of interest.

Midway through my flight the guy next to me is biting his nails so hard he has to turn on the light for the flight attendant to bring him a band aid. Yuk. I had ear plugs in and thought I heard him say "landing". Hmm... odd, I thought, that was fast.

Necessary Ear Plug Note of Interest: while wearing them on a flight they keep out all the noise except what you really need to hear - the pilot pointing out the lovely view of the Las Vegas strip to the right, oh, and, "we'll be landing in about 50 minutes." I thought they worked great! I couldn't hear the puppies in the seat ahead of me whining or the baby behind me crying. BUT, I heard everything the pilot had so say with perfect clarity - nice.

I totally dig the Super Shuttle. If you've never used the service, I highly recommend it. The Super Shuttle took me to my hotel where I checked in with ease. Got to my room and it overlooks the outdoor pool... nice, but it's only 50 degrees here so I don't expect to see many people swimming. That's fine, I'm not really here for that anyway. The other view from my room is Disney Land! Well, the top of one fake mountain thingy and a strange purple glow off to the left. Behind that there are real mountains... lovely if you use your hand to block out the strange purple glow off to the left.

I am starving so I go on the search for food in the hotel - it's a Hilton they should have something quick, right? Wrong. I went to the gift shop where they have bowls of dry cereal but sell no milk. They have plenty of snack foods but nothing you could make a meal out of. I spent $6 on two bottles of water and went back to my room. After a while I cave in and order room service - by now I'm getting a major headache from not eating. I order a chicken quesadilla and a glass of water. I know! Woo! The very nice gentleman brings a cloth covered rolling table to my room - just like you used to see on movies! He makes me review what I ordered, yes, that's what I ordered, and then makes me sign the check. My lunch cost me 20 freaking dollars!! I ate slow to relish the food - it was good but not $20 good. There was a small rose in a vase on the table my lunch came on. It was coral - my favorite color of rose - maybe that's what cost $20... knowing my favorite color rose. Yeah, I bet that's it.

After lunch I feel sick. I take a nap. I decline lunch with a colleague who just got to the hotel and decline dinner as well. I rest, watch "what not to wear" and go to bed early.

This morning I have slept well - thanks to my ear plugs (note to self: don't leave home without these EVER again) and it's 2 hours earlier here than in Minnesota. I'm ready for breakfast but you can bet I won't be having cereal without milk OR a $20 ANYTHING from room service!


Kelley with Amy's Angels said...

Safe travels!! : )

Jason, as himself said...

Ahhhhhhhhhh, I wish I was able to be there to pick you up in my car and take you out for a real meal!

I hope the rest of your stay is enjoyable.

Jennifer and Sandi said...


- Jennifer

Kelley with Amy's Angels said...

Hey...since you're not doing anything, you should come over and grab the award I gave you on the blog.

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