Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Interview with an Artist

Jason from "The Jason Show!"
Jason is interviewing me!
My ego has been well stroked for the day! Thanks Jason!
First off, I would just like it on the record that I have a lot of questions about the questions. Many many 'what if's' come to mind (especially about the first question!) Jeez, Jason, thanks a little!

1. How much money would it take for you go to a crowded restaurant at lunchtime, stand on a table and take off all of your clothes? 50 million dollars so I could leave said restaurant and the town it's located in and never have to see another human soul from said restaurant again! I would use the money to start a new life and rebuild my dignity.

2. If human life on earth were about to end and you had to choose two people to re-populate the earth for a fresh start at humanity, who would you choose? (Besides Brad and Angelina) Hmm… this one is really hard! I surely wouldn't want the responsibility of this on my shoulders… but, me and hubby would make awfully cutie kids! Cute, but world leaders? Not so sure.

3. This is a multiple choice question. You must choose one of the provide answers. Like it. Or not.When you're driving down the highway and someone catches you catching them picking their nose, what do you do?A.) Point and laugh.B.) Pick your nose too so they don't feel so awkward.C.) Start honking to get other drivers' attention so they can watch the nose picking display themselves.
A. I wouldn't be able to resist! I usually just turn my head and giggle…

4. What are the contents of your purse at this moment? I don't carry one. But I do have a work bag and in it are contents similar to a purse: wallet, family calendar, bills, winter hat, extra scarf, mittens, cell phone, jump drive, the book I'm currently reading, mints, gum, small bottle of water, aspirin, pens, chap stick, tissues, bus schedule, cell phone book of directions, cough drops.

5. What is your strangest habit? Buying things in threes. When I go to the store, I get three of things for the pantry: 3 bags of rice, 3 cans of stock, 3 lbs of hamburger. It's odd and I don't know where I got it!


Jennifer and Sandi said...

Hmmm buying in threes. Never thought of that. I hang pictures in threes but have never purchased other stuff in threes. Does this mean I must go buy two more cars and two more houses?


- Jennifer

Jason, as himself said...

Good answers! Thank you for playing along. Yeah...I guess I did give you more than your share of "what if" questions, didn't I? It's because I knew you would handle it so gracefully.

But 50 million dollars? I'm way easier than that. I think I might do it for a thousand. Unless I were to get arrested. Then I would lose my job. But if I didn't have to worry about the law? A thousand. Easy.

Tracy Griffin - Artist said...

Yeah, but Jason - do you realize in this economy it could cost at LEAST 20 million just to rebuild the dignity alone! :)

Plus! And I just thought of this... I could spend a thousand here and there at lunch with you!!

Tracy Griffin - Artist said...

Jennifer - I draw the line at purchasing threes... :) Silly girl! Good Gord, can you imagine the taxes on 3 houses in this economy?

Kelley with Amy's Angels said...

I'm with ya sister. There is no way that I'd get on a table naked for no less than $50 million--tax free.

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