Thursday, September 24, 2009

Itchy. Bitchy. Twitchy.

Some things in life make my eyes twitch.  They are:  stress, stress, stress, stress, and oh, did I mention stress?

eye I have a fairly medium stress job.  I work at an on-line college and it is really a great place to work.  I enjoy the students I speak with every day (for the most part), and the people on my team (for the most part).  This week, however, I feel stressed and the twitch has moved from my eye to the index finger on my left hand.  Every once in a while, it twitches of its own accord.

It’s freaky.

It woke me up this morning at 3:20 am. 

Can anyone explain the traveling twitch?

Oh, and as for the itchy and bitchy part?  I’ve never been the itchy type but bitchy?  Well…  no comment.

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Jason, as himself said...

I can explain everything but the twitch!

You've been posting a lot lately. You went through a long dry spell so I didn't check as often but now look at you!

I'm glad.

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