Sunday, October 4, 2009

Stream of Consciousness Sunday Morning Post

Note:  this idea is borrowed from my friend Jason who stars as the lead over at The Jason Show!  Thank you Jason!

I have questions that will never be answered.  That bothers me.  Like this one:  “Why did cancer choose to live in my friend Judy’s body?”  I miss Judy.  Not because she’s gone or anything like that but because she moved to Chicago a while ago and I got married and we sort of lost touch.  Judy is my only friend from childhood and I miss her. 

“Why does the world still make such a fuss over people who struggle with their weight?”  I know that when I lose a couple pounds (though I really wouldn’t know because I do not keep a scale in my home because they are evil) that I feel damn euphoric!  I blame that feeling on the press and what a big deal they make out of Oprah’s thighs or Kelly Rippa’s belly fat.  I am me, and I am loved by people who love me for, hmm, here comes a crazy notion, but, FOR ME!!  And, not because I can wear smaller jeans.  It’s about LOVE people!  NOT the muffin top!!

“What ever happened to Pizza Spins?”  They were a yummy childhood snack I could go for right now.  Yes.  At 8:20 a.m. on a Sunday morning when I should be in church. 

“Why do I favor one pen over another?”  This morning I was writing a card to my friend Judy when I remembered my first discovery of my love for the Bic Crystal. 

bic_cristal_ballpoint_pentThe crystal got me through writing my master’s dissertation in long hand!  I know, right??  Now I prefer something completely different but I bet there are still a few packages of the crystals around my house.  I know for sure there is one in my desk at work! 

“What’s the real difference between escarole and romaine?”

“Did they ever really determine who killed JR?”

“Where is the beef anyway?”


Jason, as himself said...

Hi Tracy...I'm glad you are writing stream of consciousness, too, because I find it fascinating to see how people's brains move from one topic to the next, related, or not!


Jason, as himself said...

By the way, I used to love those Bic Crystals, too. Somehow they just wrote better. I have a new favorite but I am just now blanking on the name and brand! Dementia.

Anonymous said...

You are too funny!

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