Sunday, October 18, 2009

Sunday Morning Stream of Consciousness Post

Good morning! This morning something odd happened. Jeff got out of bed before me. Huh! I fell asleep before he did last night – I know because right after a funky dream that included my uncle Rodger, I woke up to him watching the hockey game.

Stupid hockey team not winning anything lately.

I love that hockey team because they are so cool and serve good hot dogs at their stadium.

The Minnesota Wild.

Good guys. New coach. Nice sweaters.

I like cool coffee mugs. In my cupboard I have a mishmash of cups, glasses, plates and a LOT of etcetera. I like each piece but I don’t have much that matches for a real sit-down dinner with friends or family. I would like a nice new set of dishes that I can use for such occasions. I wonder if they sell sets that are like me, a mishmash of items that suit my personality? Wait, I already have that.

If my personality is such a hodgepodge of bits, does that make me schizophrenic? As an aside, I don’t really think this because I take my vitamins so I know I’m really healthy. wink. nod.

I’m a little excited about my Halloween costume this year. I haven’t dressed up for Halloween for literally years but this year we’re invited to not one but TWO parties! I know, right? Yesterday I knit together items from Savers for my costume and even found some great tattoos that look like real scrapes! I tried one on last night and it looks very real! I even complained to Jeff about how bad it hurt… he giggled and pressed my ‘scrape’ with an evil look in his eye.

I’m thinking about Jason’s Amelia this morning and what an ordeal the last week has been for her. Praying for her comfort now and his rest and well-being. Funny but I feel like he’s a good friend but I’ve never met the man… he’s a neato blog acquaintance.

We had good friends in for tapas and wine on Friday night. Good friends who enjoy our company, can talk about anything and love us for who we are. I value that in my friends. No judgments. No passive aggression and no hard feelings.

Trader Joe is the only man I’d ever leave my husband for.

Coffee is magic.

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Kelley with Amy's Angels said...

I too, have been thinking about jason and his daughter's health. SCARY, but glad all is OK.

I watched hockey this weekend too--but it was the Sioux/Gopher game. : )

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