Sunday, October 25, 2009

Sunday Morning Stream of Consciousness Blog Post

The art crawl is sucking.  Yep.  It is.  Yesterday I made nearly $50 during my 8 hour stay.  It is sad and terribly unsatisfying.  I think this is a dying crawl.  We need more promotion and GAS from the organizer!  (Give. A. Shi@+.)  Sorry…  I shouldn’t swear on a Sunday.

My body is getting older and more tired.

I’m not eating right.  I really should do better at that.

Jeff is sleeping.

Virgil is meowing.  Possibly to get Jeff to stop sleeping.

Here’s a photo from yesterday.  I got bored and shot a few snaps of the art.  This is a favorite from a potter’s bird bath.  The whole bird bath wasn’t all that fab.  But this leaf was amazing!



cyclopsvue said...

I think the leaf made that crawl worth the trouble -- the leaf is your reward.


Jason, as himself said...

Sorry about that art crawl! That really stinks.

Anonymous said...

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