Sunday, December 13, 2009

“You must have a lot of time on your hands…”

When I do things like decide to make 20 millions pounds of fudge and sell it to my friends and co-workers someone invariably says to me, “Wow!  You must have a lot of time on your hands.”

Well.  There are 24 hours in my days, just like the days you get.  Honestly, it’s what you choose to do with your time that makes the difference.  I do things like make lists of things I need for my meals next week, make my Christmas cards and search Wikipedia for the history of fudge which is quite interesting – check it out sometime. 

There is an odd “time” thing that happens in our household and it’s only on the weekends that I notice it most.  I don’t know how to sleep in and I guess you could say I’m a morning person.  On the weekend when my husband looks forward to sleeping in I am up at my usual time, 6am, making coffee and settling into the studio to do some work there.  This is when the ideas come to me.  I read my email, catch up on blog friends and then try new things, like this:  make a bow out of a magazine page.  Yup.  Just made one and it turned out very nicely!

So, while others spend their time on things like working out or sleeping…  I am at home planning my menu for next week and making Christmas ribbons out of old O magazine pages. 

Yes I’m what you might call “crafty”. 

But, I prefer artist

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naomi said...

You are definitely an artist. One I adore! And you have inspired me to not sleep in this coming weekend.

*crosses fingers that this is reality not just wishful thinking*

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