Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Ham Sides?

Hello friends!

My parents are coming for Easter dinner (lunch to you mid-westerners or Wisconson-ites, or folks who simply call it "lunch" instead of "dinner"!

Husband loves ham, and parent's are coming. They love the traditional ham, mashed potatoes, coleslaw dinner (or lunch, jeez!) but I want to make something amazing, delicious and "knock your socks off" memorable! And... DIFFERENT!

Please, help a gal out?

Caveats: no cheese, nuts or tomatoes that I can't strategically leave out.

Love ya more 'n my luggage!


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Janean said...

depends on how much prep work you want to do....i have a great rice recipe but has quite a few ingredients and prep work. lemme know.

LOL. so many things we make has cheese, nuts and tomatoes!

adore the post before this one too!

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