Thursday, May 13, 2010

Ever thought about changing your name?

Every once in a while my husband comes out with some funky, hinky, super-quirky verbiage that makes me think... "if I ever start a new blog, THAT'S the new name for it!"

This morning's new name is, "Pocket Full of Noses".

I love that man.


Kristine said...

But i love your current name!

Dee said...

LOL. I do not think any other blog would have the name. I will be glad for the day I can change my blog name from One Foot Out Of The Box to Out Of the Box but The Lord has a few more wrinkles to iron out in me. I do feel I am getting closer.I like your blog name...are you thinking about changing it?

Tracy Griffin - Artist said...

Thanks Kristine! Is that you Krissy?

Thanks Dee. :) I like the current name just fine but I think I'll begin collecting fun new ideas for new names.

Life with Kaishon said...

That is such a great name. Oh my word. LOVE. Love. LOVE it!

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