Thursday, June 17, 2010

Stream of Consciousness Thursday

1. I love my dad. And I love to treat him well on Father's Day! This Sunday I'm making one of his favorite meals - chili dogs! I know! A little goofy but he loves them.

2. I would like more sun this weekend. Oh no! Hot, steamy and cloudy... oh goodie!

3. I'm helping a friend brush up on her English skills. I hope to benefit too!

4. Why is wine for breakfast frowned upon?

5. I'm reading a horror book about catholic school children and exorcism. I can't put it down!

6. I bruise easily.

7. Coffee is magic.

8. I'm sort of in love with my toes this summer.

9. Why can't I find a lipstick that looks right on me?

10. I don't care for politics.

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