Sunday, August 29, 2010

My Thrift-Store Find of the Year!

Everyone loves a good deal right?  Right!  You know, even the wealthy love to get a good deal.

Well, I’m not wealthy.  In fact, Jeff and I enjoy visiting the local thrift stores once in a while and sometimes we find really amazing things.  Designer clothes and shoes.  Dishes.  Books, etc.

Yesterday I totally scored at the Unique Thrift Store in our neighborhood.  Check out this little beauty!  finnstyle_2117_154190723[1]

This is what is called a “glass card” from Iittala design company.  I have loved these little pieces for a long long while and knew I’d never own one because they’re pretty expensive.  This one is called “Dancing Leaves” and is no longer available to purchase on any of the sites I’ve seen online this morning.  It measures 3”x4”.

However, I did find pricing on my little lovely!  The MSRP:  $45.

Cost to me:  $1.40!!  Yup!  One dollar and forty cents!! 

I’ll treasure it always.  I’ll sell it on Ebay when I desperately need $45.  Or never. 


Kelley with Amy's Angels said...

lucky girl!!

Jason, as himself said...

It is very nice. But what is it, exactly? I'm not so artsy, I guess.

Tracy Griffin - Artist said...

Jason, this piece is meant to sit in front of a window to let the light shine through, or in front of a light. The light shines through the glass and illuminates the painting. Here is what the web says: A common item in Finnish homes, iittala glass cards are warm and inspirational free-standing crystal glass that create a warm atmosphere on a table and add charm to windowsills.

Dee said...

Wonderful find. I know you will enjoy this for a long time.

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