Thursday, October 14, 2010

Bullying - why now?

Why now is bullying such a phenomenon? I know, it's been around for ages upon ages... but where were the politicians and outspoken teachers when I was in high school?

One day I will tell the entire story but I was bullied pretty badly as a child. One such instance was the kids in the back of the bus standing up whenever I got on and puffed out their cheeks at me. I was a chubby kid.

Because of bullying, I almost flunked out of the 10th grade for missing over 30 days from school.

Because of bullying, I told a lot of lies to get kids to like me.

Because of bullying, I didn't grow up until I was about 28.

Because of bullying, I had to drag myself through years of self revelation and soul searching... and some therapy.

And now...

Because of bullying, I am the person I am today. I accept it as part of my past and I've moved on.

Bullying is horrible.

Don't let it happen.



Michael Rivers said...

I'm a survivor of it too. I always feel such pain when I think about kids going thru it.

Mark said...

I wonder if all Bloggers are survivors of Bullying? Maybe this is how we get our frustrations out? The best revenge is living well. My entire Class has access to my Blog and there is part of me that hopes that they are a little bit jealous of my simple life. That would be sweet. But that's just between you and me, okay?
Your Friend, m.

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