Monday, July 23, 2012

In Which Camp do you Land?

Firm? Limp?
You don’t have to go there Mark!  HA!

I happen to land in the FIRM camp when it comes to bacon! If I can’t break it, it’s not crispy enough. But it shouldn’t be burned. Yes, it’s a fine line but I’ve finally achieved it!

Baken’ the Bacon! Here’s how!
Put foil onto a cookie sheet that has sides (you don’t want the grease to go anywhere but into the pan below.)
Optional: lay cooling racks onto the cookie sheet
Lay bacon in single layer onto the racks
Place tray in a cold oven and set it to 400 degrees
Come back in 20 minutes to beautifully perfectly crispy bason!

Easy. Peasy.
Of course you might need to check it around the 15 minute mark just to be sure it’s not overdoing it in there. Some bacon can be sliced thicker or thinner depending upon the brand. Find your timing and bring home the Crispiest Bacon Blue Ribbon from the county fair this summer!


Mark said...

How dare you! You don't know me! Okay, I guess you do. Still, why tease me with this?
Okay, if we're talking about bacon(yawn), I guess I would have to say Firm.
But if we're talking about anything else(wink wink), the sky's the limit!

Kelley with Amy's Angels said...

Don't go to England.
They have limp, lifeless, barely cooked bacon.

Baked bacon all the way--HOORAY! :)

Dee said...

This is my favorite way to make bacon.:)

Dee said...

Tracy, I use PicMonkey it is free. very easy to use. I think photo shop is over my head. LOL Just type in

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