Wednesday, July 4, 2012


TGFD = Thank God For Digital! 
Look who I shared space with last weekend over breakfast!
After literally (and I really mean literally) 239 shots,
Jeff was able to capture these little guys having breakfast too!
I would guess there were about 15 or 20 hummingbirds feeding on the front porch of the bed and breakfast we stayed at last weekend in Spring Green Wisconsin.
If you have the means, I highly recommend spending time with a hummingbird at breakfast.


Mark said...

Okay now, tell me how to get that shot! Those little buggers fly way too fast for me.
Love this photo!

Dee said...

Great job Jeff....he is beautiful...I can only imagine how awesome to see 15 or 20 feeding....(sigh)

Tracy Griffin - Artist said...

Hey Mark, I had the camera set on sports mode and continuous shooting so we shot up to 5 frames at a time. Secretly I think I got this shot but I'm letting Jeff have this one. Yeah. I'm that wife. Ha!

Natalie said...

Tracy, beautiful! It was thoughtful of the little fellas to hold still for just an instant. :-)

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