Wednesday, July 9, 2008

I AM an Artist

Welcome to my life.

Hello, my name is Tracy, and I am an artist. (Artists Anonymous this is not.)

About a year or so ago, maybe more than that now that I think of it, when I first started selling my artwork seriously, I ordered business cards and started visiting some local gift shops in order to gain business. I gave one to a friend. She looked at it and said it was "pretty". Then she said something that made me really stop and think about what I was doing out here in the art world. She said, "Should you really call yourself an 'Artist'?" and "Is that second bedroom in your apartment really a 'studio'?" If I remember correctly, she did include air quotes on this statement too.

Wow. I was floored.

This got me doing a lot of self reflection. Could I really call myself an "Artist"? I mean, I dabble in a lot of different mediums: watercolor, greeting cards, photography, scrapbooks… but, really, is what I produce really "art"? Does calling myself an Artist make me haughty, fancy or appear holier-than-thou? How could I possibly expect to be taken seriously in the art world with that peasy stuff I create?

After about a week of journaling, meditating and talking with people, I got over it.

Here is what Webster says:
Main Entry: art·ist
Pronunciation: \är-tist\
Function: noun
Date: circa 1507

1 aobsolete : one skilled or versed in learned arts barchaic :
physician carchaic : artisan 12 a: one who professes and practices an imaginative art b: a person skilled in one of the fine arts3: a skilled performer; especially : artiste4: one who is adept at something

I am an Artist! I declare it proudly!

I am skilled! Though, I've taken classes and have worked hard at what I do, this skill hasn't come to me naturally. Some disagree, but this is how I feel.

I practice imaginative art! I am inspired constantly and have a hard time keeping the ideas at bay some days. Other days, my head is a dry barren wasteland the color of dirty sand. Admittedly, sometimes it's just not in me.

I am adept at something! 'Nuf said.

This is my blog. There are many like it, but this one is mine. Here I will introduce some new things, talk about my experiences and even complain about things. I'd love your interaction here! I hope you visit often and enjoy your time.

We have the room until 9. Coffee and cookies will now be served. Please smoke outside.

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snognar said...

I must say that we have several pieces of your art hanging on the walls of our home. They have been dubbed the favorites of my son.

We have photography and watercolor pieces thru out the home. They bring thoughtfulness and beauty to each day.

I must say that I am honored to be witness to your artistic evolution this past year. The strength in your soul shows with your color and your mediations are shown thru your diversity in subject.

Your cards that I have given are a present in themselves, as they too are "art". Some have been framed, some are just sitting out and I know none have been thrown away.

My favorite piece is the one that I had commissioned of my son and his dog. Simple in design to match their youth, yet the warmth from your thoughts give them their soul. It makes my heart smile each day.

I look forward to more art crawl events and social gatherings that host your work.

Thank you for making the world a more beautiful place.


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