Monday, July 14, 2008

Decisions... Decisions...

Here's something: those of you who know my work know that I produce work with many many mediums and within those mediums I have varying talent and taste. For instance, my photography is markedly different than my watercolor paintings or even the pen and ink people who are emerging of late. There isn't a common thread among them, except that they are all created by me.

So, how do I design a website that could possibly encompass and showcase all of my work and yet not look cluttered or messy or just plain silly?

I'm sure this is the same dilemma that the organizers of the Olympics must face… you know, the ability to include aspects of all the cultures is really a skill one would pay big bucks for - right? Each country deserves its own flag, representatives and ceremonial pomp and circumstance. Similarly, each area of my art deserves its own representation, I think. But, it's sure a challenging task to incorporate everything as I would like to and I don't see the organizers of the Olympics stepping up to the plate!

Maybe it's like having twins; you love them each for their respective differences and nourish them accordingly.

This weekend I met with my web designer, Joe. Joe is a professional Santa during the holiday season - find his business link on my website. Joe takes great pleasure in being a real bearded Santa (though getting that snowy white beard isn't as easy as you might think) and he adds NO padding to the suit. This guy is the real deal - Joe is simply Santa through and through. During our conversation over an early breakfast at Perkins on Saturday morning - it came to light that there really isn't anything Joe can't do. When I mentioned a certain something, he simply smiled (chuckled really) and told me a short story which ended with, "and then my wife came home to a pair of charred knitting needles on top of the TV". No, there is nothing Joe can't do.

So, when I introduced Joe to my new little people (a still un-named line of art), the Santa twinkle came into his eyes and I knew I was on to something. We each began to spit out ideas and thoughts and brainstormed our way to, what I think, might actually work as a website front page. We'll see. I need to do some work and bring these little guys into the world of being a little more human. Frankly, they're just happy they exist! You can tell by the smiles on their faces.

Watch for an updated website in the near-ish future. Joe is a busy guy in the off season too! Speaking of someone who dabbles in many mediums - that pretty much sums up my friend, Santa Joe.

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