Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Sag! You're It!

Well, well, well... lo and behold I have been tagged (I saw "sag, you're it" on a birthday card once... couldn't wait to use it sometime... who knew it would be here?) by Kelley (http://osmundson.blogspot.com/) for a thingy. I love thingys. It's a nice way to let people know about who you really are.

So, here goes. My answers to the tag thingy:

6 things I value:
1. The love and friendship of my husband - first and foremost.
2. The love and friendship of my parents. We're the closest we've ever been in our lives right now and I cherish this so much.
3. My God.
4. My work, both my day job and my avocation - art.
5. I value a relaxing evening at home.
6. My freedom.
6 things I don't value:
1. Insincerity: don't say something mean to me and then say "just kidding". No you weren't and you know it.
2. Cheaters.
3. RAP music.
4. Needless noise.
5. Migraine headaches - what the hell did I do to deserve these? (home remedy suggestions welcome!)
6. Gratuitous sex or violence. Hey, if it's an integral part of the movie or book - then yeah. Just use it wisely.
OK... now, to tag someone else. (this is feeling suspiciously like a chain letter...) If you thought Kelley was new at this, I am even newer and I don't have any bloggers to tag. I will leave it at that for now, but may just tag someone if they come to mind.

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Jason said...

My favorite of all of these is the relaxing evenings at home. Definitely.

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