Thursday, October 23, 2008

Great, I think we have a ghost.

I mean really. Either someone it totally messing with me, or we have something or someone inhabiting our apartment with us.

Stop reading now if you're easily frightened by farts.

The other night my husband asked me if air flew out of my butt near the studio door - (we have a standing rule of saying 'excuse me' if this happens in the presence of another person - better out than in if you know what I mean.) I said no and he went on to say that he heard it happen and knew it wasn't him, or the cat. Odd. I was in a completely different part of the apartment.

The other day I was home with a migraine. While laying on the couch with a peppermint towel on my head, in complete silence, I hear a gurgling noise like someone belching. It freaked me out a little but I figured it was the hot water heat and resumed my silent suffering. Later, while in the dining room, looking through the pantry for some soup, I could swear I heard someone in the studio say, "what?". Mind you, I'm home alone. I did go check it out just in case the computer was on, or something else... nothing was on. Odd.

Now, mind you, 'tis the season for ghosties but the idea of the real thing sort of freaks me out!

OH, and this has happened more than once, and happened again about a half hour ago: I'm in the studio and have taken up the horrible habit of my husband's of leaving the TV on in another room. As you may know, we have to have that pesky converter box now... well, you have to turn both the box and your TV on to get reception. Both were on and the news was playing. Then, "crackle" the box goes off - BY ITSELF! Like I said before, this has happened before! Silly me went into the bedroom to see what's up and on the bed is sitting the remote control... now I made the bed earlier but I don't recall placing the remote on the bed afterward. I could have, I just don't remember it.

Maybe I'm feeding my freaked-out-ness... but this is a little weird! More than a little weird!

I guess ghosts never killed anyone, but I don't like being startled or snuck up on. Or, farted at for that matter... if you're gassy, fine. Say excuse me to alert me of the coming smell so I can leave the room.

This begs the question, however: do ghosts have gas?


Kelley with Amy's Angels said...

Maybe you can put the ghost to work?

I mean, it can't pay half the rent but it could certainly help with the house if it's going to live there!

Tracy Griffin - Artist said...

I couldn't agree more! I'd be happy if they wanted to stay in exchange for doing the laundry or cleaning up. Ooooh, they could dip Virgil's box!! Yeah!!

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