Saturday, December 20, 2008

What the?

Why so f'ing happy Mr. Waiter? Oh! Is it because that glass of wine you're holding is going to cost me $10?

Or, is it because I will also have to tip you for bringing it the 23 feet from the bar to my table?

Or, maybe it's because you have nice job security here at this down town basement restaurant while I drink two of your severely overpriced glasses of wine while I talk with a dear friend about how she may lose her job in this dreadfully sucky economy?

Last night we met friends at Hell's Kitchen for dinner before watching the Hollidazzle parade.

I knew it would be overpriced but jeez... I received what my grandfather would call "two fingers" of the house Cabernet in what looked like a very large glass for freaking $10 a pop! Apparently is not good fashion to give even an extra sip to someone. Jeez, how rude!

My loving husband had the walleye dinner and he reported it was only "so-so".

We came home and had hot dogs. It made me happy. And, it probably cost me .38 cents.

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Naomi said...

I've been there. The lunch menu is good and I adore some of the breakfast items, but wine? Alcohol in general? Don't do it. *sigh*

I hope your dear friend won't lose her job. It sucks being unemployed.

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