Friday, February 10, 2012

Today is my birthday! Yay me!

I can't really explain it, but I always feel very special on my birthday. Some people dread their birthday. My husband does... and he can't explain why and I don't push it. I just do everything I can to make his day memorable and good.

We have a tradition when we celebrate birthdays, anniversarys, Valentine's day: we wake up the other person with kisses and gifts. Even Virgil (the cat) gets into the celebration - knowing that any wrapping paper might turn into a toy for him. Yep, even he gets a gift during our celebrations.

This morning my husband gave me the sweetest card he's ever given me. I love it so much that I think I'll keep it in my day planner to read when I'm feeling cruddy about things. I love that guy! He also got me a Kindle Fire for my birthday. We happened upon a really good deal a couple weeks ago and got it for $50 cheaper than store price. He also added a bead to my Pandora bracelet and gave me a box of Caribou K-cups! He knows me... and I'm so glad.

Over a year ago he bought be a fancy pants camera. This gift had a dual purpose - our son's graduation from the Naval Academy was coming up and we really wanted it documented in really GOOD photos. Mission accomplished! We have wonderful photos of that memorable day. And last weekend we visited my parents in a smallish town on a river here in Minnesota. Trumpeter swans gather on the river very near their new home because of a warm water and open spot on the river. So, here are a few photos I was able to capture on that day. We were also experiencing hoarfrost and it lasted a remarkable long while - into late in the day because there was no sun.

On my special day, here is a gift of beauty for you! Enjoy!


Mark said...

Happy Birthday Tracy!!!!
Don't worry, 40's not over the hill. wink!
I love what your fancy-pants camera is doing for you. You must agree that it was worth the money, right!
I'm glad to hear that your birthday started off so nicely and hope that you enjoy that Kindle of yours.
Now go celebrate!
Your Friend, mark

Kelley with Amy's Angels said...

Happy Birthday!! Enjoy the day!

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