Thursday, February 16, 2012

Granny Panties?

This is where I review underpants.

I have always had an issue with unders. I used to weigh 300 pounds. Yes. I did. Someday I'll share the story, but for now, let's just have an understanding that bikini briefs, or g-strings, or even slightly cute lacey under things were not in my wardrobe. Nor were anything other than pure and simple cotton. It is the fabric of our lives after all. Ok, folks, I’ll admit it… I wore granny panties. Yes. I did. And, frankly, they were darn comfortable! Granny knew what she was talking about when she advised wearing cotton and having it cover the entirety of your bum. Very rarely did I ever encounter VPL. Or, the snuggie. I never had to be a crotch grabber and thank goodness too! People were staring at me enough when I was such a big girl, I didn’t need them ogling me for reaching up to my wrist to get my funderware out from my butt crack.

To this day, I have not lost my adoration for granny panties. I admit it, I’ll sometimes wear something “special” for my husband (hi honey!) but for the most part, I’m a proud all-over-bum-covering-nicker-wearing hot mom! But! I ask you!!! Why do they have to come in gawd-awful colors and patterns? If a lady, like myself, wants to wear these sensible undergarments, why does she have to bow down to the likes of purple cheetah print? Or chartreuse floral patterns? Or, even the plain cotton ones come in lime-green polka dots or bright pink paisley! If, for some odd reason they happen to sneak their way past my waistline to view the outside world, why do they have to completely shock the occasional passerby? I mean, really, is that completely necessary?

I have probably over shared here. And, if you ask my friend Kelley, I probably have. But, hey, this is an important issue that should not go avoided. Sound off ladies! Do you go for comfort or style? Or, maybe you dress for the bathroom? Easy on, easy off is sometimes key. Or… maybe easy on, easy off means something different to those bar hopping on a Saturday night?

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Kelley with Amy's Angels said...

I'm a total granny wearing lady, too. The boyfriend cut, high cut, etc. are just not comfortable. I want comfort.

And I didn't even think I knew about you being a former big girl!! Do tell!

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