Monday, July 14, 2008


Call it a "slice of life" moment.

I work in a sky scraper in downtown Minneapolis Minnesota. Today during lunch a friend and I walked to her bank which is located in the IDS Crystal Court. The IDS building is the tallest building in Minneapolis - topping off at 51 floors. There has been dispute about which building downtown is tallest, but it was decided that the IDS was tallest.

I digress.

While waiting for my friend to complete her banking business, I stood at the railing which overlooks the Crystal Court. This is on the ground floor of the IDS Building. There is a fountain with white benches, trees and flowers all around. It's quite a nice little tranquil spot in the heart of the city.

As I was people watching I spotted a little old couple feebly walking hand in hand - destination unknown yet it was obvious this wasn't their first trip downtown. The gentleman helped her onto the escalator and she allowed him to guide her with a hand on the small of her back.

They chatted together like they were old friends, smiling at each other and looking into each other's eyes, but the way they seemed so intimate - well, they just seemed like a 'couple'. If I had to guess, they were both in their later 80's. She wore a t-shirt that said "Alaska" and he wore a ball cap. Who knows, maybe it was a first date, but I highly doubt it.

I swooned.

I just love spotting true love out there, in life… it was just so plainly there. The love.

My plan: to love as deeply at 80 as I do today.

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