Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Traveling to Wisconsin

This coming weekend Jeff and I will represent his father's family at the annual Griffin family reunion. We will stay with Aunt Delia who cooks every meal from scratch, puts "Rutabeggie!" in her soup and touts the local Amish for repairing her storm damaged shed for thousands of dollars less than the local handy man and his crew would have charged. (About $4k less!)

We are traveling to God's country. Last year on the way in to God's country I spotted a house that looked haunted! I told Jeff to keep his eyes peeled because on the way back to Minnesota I wanted to stop there to take some photos. Going in to God's country it was gloomy and rainy... perfect weather for shooting haunted house photos! On the way home it was sunny and lovely... not the best for haunted house photos. (Note: if we're traveling to God's country does that mean we're living in Satan's country?)

We did spot the house on the way home and I did get out and shot some photos. While taking pictures I noticed a soda can in the window of the house and toys in the yard and a creepy Scooby Doo van in the back yard - someone lives in the haunted house! I thought for sure it was abandoned.

Here is the house. I loaded it into Kodak Gallery.com and gave it some scary smudging. What do you think, Halloween cards?

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