Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Food Blogs - I'm Addicted

So, I'm reading the Julie and Julia book about a New York gal working her way through Mastering The Art of French Cooking by cooking all the recipes in one full year. It's a cute read. And I'm thinking to myself... hell, if I had the cash I could do that.

Why do I need the cash? I could just convert all our marketing to French style foods such as mussels and cream. Nah, it's just not me. Plus, I can't really pronounce half the dishes in that cookbook anyway!

I could, however, talk more in my blog about my love of cooking and how I adore reading cookbooks over almost anything else! Yes, 'tis true! And, I do have a small collection of vintage cookbooks at the apartment because I love the old recipes and how they taste. Simply divine!

Last year around this time I donated one of my homemade cheesecakes to the Community United drive here at work. My co-worker and long-time friend Joe bid $29 for said cheesecake. Just today he brought me the receipt asking if it was possible to redeem it for Saturday. I do love a challenge! Friday night, instead of lounging in front of the TV while my husband works at the School's commencement ceremony prep... I'll be mixing and baking my homemade cheesecake!

I frankly couldn't think of anything better I'd rather do!

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