Saturday, August 8, 2009

Red Sangria for tonight's garden party!

Did you hear the thunder last night? Amazing!
Ok, so Jeff asked me this morning if I'd heard it.
I hadn't.
"How's that possible?" he asked.
"Ear plugs!" I answer.
Jeff snores. 'Nuf said.
Today I'm playing in the kitchen again with lots of multitasking, etc. It's noon now and so far here is what I've accomplished today:
1. got up at 6 to take Jeff downtown to volunteer for commencement.
2. delivered the cheesecake I made last night to Joe. Visited for a bit too!
3. marketed for last bits of necessities for tonight's garden party which will more than likely end up being a living room party it is stays rainy like it is.
4. made the following dishes for tonight: fruit dip with fruit prep, cheese ball, sangria, chewies, Mexican roll ups, fire-roasted salsa.
5. visited Trader Joe's for more wine and extras for tonight.
6. returned a pair of pants
7. cleaned the kitchen.
8. blogged.
Tonight I'm serving a red sangria. It's super simple! Here's the recipe:
1 tall glass pitcher with a large belly if possible - gotta be able to see the 'pretty'!
1 bottle red wine - I'm using Cabernet
1 cup orange juice
4 tbs triple sec
slices of lemon, lime and orange
strawberries - split
blue berries - split
pineapple chunks - I'm using fresh everything
4 tbs sugar
mix all above and let sit in fridge for the day before the party - give it a spin occasionally to melt the sugar.
Ready to serve? Add 1 bottle of club soda and serve over ice.
I'll let you know the verdict!

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Jason, as himself said...

Mmmm, I love a good sangria on a hot summer night! I'll have to try this one.

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